News VM 7035

Oct 05, 2016
Tobias Lachner

TRIMILL VM 7035 is up and running!


Our new 5-axis portal milling machine TRIMILL VM 7035 has been operative since August 2016 and the first tools for our Schuler press with 2500 t pressing force have already been manufactured with the new portal milling machine.

Ludwig Schmid, Toolmaking Manager, is impressed by the new machine, which allows us to work on tools up to a size of 7000 x 3500 mm.
Thanks to the dedicated water cooling circuit the milling machine delivers a high level of machine stability, which in turn means more accuracy during the milling process.

We are using a 3-axis head for roughing and two 5-axis heads for further treatment. The interchangeable heads are carefully chosen and inserted according to the specific requirements of the manufacturing process.
With the addition of the TRIMILL VM 7035 to our machine fleet we are proud to call one of the most modern milling machines our own. As a result, we are able to turn the benefits of the milling machine into advantages for our customers.