We train in 5 different professions in order to meet our own need for employees. In addition to solid training, our TRAINEES also get a chance to slowly grow into their professional life. They gain experience in the various departments and are put into contact with the future departments in which they receive a permanent position in most cases. KBW's quality standard is team spirit, ambition, and the desire to be better.

Are you interested in an internship or an apprenticeship?




We train in the following professions:

Office management
Industrial management assistant
Bodywork and vehicle mechanic
Precision mechanic
Technical product designer

What do we offer our TRAINEES, other than solid training?
Every year, the trainers come up with something special for their protégés.
Whether “a high rope course day” or “trainees cook with trainers and supervisors,” everything that was offered previously would be gladly accepted and carried out with pleasure.
We welcome ambitious young people and encourage them outside of their training as well.